Enthaicingly Thai

Rama V was established in 1995 as the first Thai fine dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Set within a standalone bungalow in the city centre, hidden away from KL’s hustle and bustle, the award-winning restaurant is known for welcoming diners in an opulent and cosy ambiance combined with an air of tranquility and commendable hospitality.

In 2016, Rama V underwent a rebranding where it was re-categorized as a fine casual dining restaurant, serving timeless, innovative Thai cuisine with competitive pricing. In line with the rebranding and new positioning, the restaurant went through a makeover inspired by ‘Modern Meets Thai’, where traditional Thai décor meets the elegance of the modern world.

Our innovative chefs cook up a blend of authentic and modern Thai dishes, presenting their creations as a feast not only for your palate but also for your eyes. Rama V strives to be relevant by constantly being current and in tune with with diners’ evolving tastes without straying too far from the authenticity of the original dishes.

We look forward to serving you and taking you on a memorable, gastronomical and enjoyable culinary journey here at Rama V.